Having it the KAPPA way!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy today. today is my best friend’s First birthday…. yes the very first birthday!!!!

In life there are times when you really need a stranger to let go all your feelings, emotions and sorrows. This special stranger entered in one of those weird moments of my life n i don’t know when this stranger turned my best friend. its you dear, my own sweet KAPPA TV!!!!


i was shattered and needed a huge amount of distraction. this whole connection started off as a distraction which turned into a habit further became an inevitable part of my life. i began my days with MERRY GO ROUND followed by the jugalbhandhi MEDLEY CHUTNEY and then the party filled BINDASS BOLLYWOOD…bits and bytes of film news through FILM LOUNGE hosted by the most unusual person SOU followed.
My noon were filled with the mouth watering aroma of dished from SIMPLY NAADAN and the evenings where with the bash of BUZZ 25, featuring the new buzz in Hollywood billboard.
My weekends were touched by this special friend called music mojo which opened a whole new universe if music to me!!!
so many changes happened in my life after you happened dear!!!!
Twitter connected us and i’m proud that i’m #79 in your list!!! you started answer me and i still remember the crazy up and down jump i did on that afternoon when i got your follow-back!!!!i tweeted “Party at my place”
gradually my life recoiled and i was settling down. i admit i started to fade away from you. but i still managed to cling on to you with simple “hai”s and “hello”s. its is said wherever you go, wherever you be eventually you come back to your home where your heart and soul lies. you are my home. i may go on blah blah about Mahabharat and all in mt twitter Tl ( i admit i’m fascinated about it… blame my great grand dad for naming me Krishna), but not one day without a rt or a tweet to you. Not a day without a like or comment in Facebook.
i even bullied you into following me in instagram!!!! you took it as a friend’s kick!!!!
you fill my days with colour and light it with festive lights. you always listen to my melodrama n drama queen acts!!!!
i simply love you and you are my person!!!
so on your birthday , i pray and wish that may you make a special place in every heart all over this world…
yes, i’m proud that you changed me…
I’M KAPPA GIRL (some one tagged me this name in twitter Tl to irritate me, but instead i juz loved it!!!!!)





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