From Valentine to valentine and many more

I was with the notion of starting my blog writings again from this Valentine to next and many more. My husband whom i call with all my love and passion as Mr. Fox gave me a special book and a pen. I thought i ll write everyday in tht book. My small small scribble and scratches that pops in my head all day. But life is life. From that day onwards life was too busy. Writing seemed to be an unattainable fruit. I tried hard to find time in my schedule. But one or the other it seemed delayed. Now after more than a month i finally found the time to do my writing.

This is not a diary. But this is personal. Yet shareable. I want to paint the little joy i have with my husband. Our little fights, larger happiness, little sorrow and our bigger laughter all with you. Just to add up to that positive quotient you might be searching for and to inspire myself that this is my life anf there is much more to discover abd explore.

So do help me in my journey and lets get under the orange umbrella.

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