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Pooram: the essence of Kerala

Pooram is the true essence of kerala… here are some pics of the pooram at my place. i belong to a place called pattambi, in palakkad district, kerala. these pics are from the pooram of “kulangara mahadevi temple”


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The Train Diary : Chapter 1

Never offer seat for those who curse about not having one



This is the very big lesson i learned from last Friday’s trip. As usual i made my way into Chennai Mail on the 1st platform and also secured a seat for myself. As i took out a book i been reading and started to settle down to my own world, a fat lady came in and she started scolding us all as if we mutinied on her seat. i thought “ what the hell with this woman???? if you want a seat, ask for it!!!! if someone feels giving you one, they’ll do it”. (no one is that sympathetic in there…well what do you expect??? it is a god damn crowded train… 😉 )

it so happened that the lady sitting next to me got out on the next station and i had no options but to let that lady to sit beside me (that is the biggest mistake from my part on that day…). oooh… God it was hell….. she smelled like rotten eggs.looks like she haven’t washed herself that whole week. To top it of,  her hair… it was made into a big bun… and she have put on lots and lots of jasmine on it… it was really in a hell situation… the rotten egg smell and jasmine smell mixed up and i was suffocating……

It got worse when she pushed me and made herself comfortable by sitting with her big thighs on my little ones (comparing to hers mine is only one by fifth of hers). i squeezed in there. there was no other option to move from there. I’ve never held my breath this long in my life.


finally when the coupe next to mine got empty i ran for my life…

The stench could’ve killed me.. thank god i survived… looking back i realize how narrow was my escape as all others left there took refuge in other coupe.

Even though there was no stench i could’ve killed myself…. oops i forgot to mention.. she hasn’t stooped cursing us.. she was moving every bit near to me with every intention of pushing me off the seat.. well what can i do ??? she’s way more in all aspects (in size and in mouth). horrible woman…..

so that was last Friday’s trip…. Looks like there is more to discover and learn…. you will learn the most important lesson of you life through these trips…..



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Down the lanes of childhood me thinks…….

ImageToday, i was on my way to the post office (some things have to be sent in post, if its important and is been sent to old people) and i took a short cut. it took me through my childhood memories….
those were the paths i took when i was a about 7 or 8 (and when i was younger than that). things were the same in the beginning of the path. the same old cottages, the same open public play ground,and to one corner of it there stood my pre-kinder garden school (a small kids crush). All those days took a small play back there in front of me in that instant. My very first class room. well no one was there on a Saturday, so i was there alone, and it did give a lot of time to cherish those awesome memories. Those first days- crying, being stubborn, and all…..
i moved on and there stood my friend’s house. But no one lives there now. Looks like they sold it to some one.(she’s there in my face book friends list). then came a turn and as i took it, i was surprised. there stood so many new cottages. i was astonished to find that every inch of greenery and silence that i had in my memories is now filled with buildings and noise. the place turned into a chaotic place…….
Going on i found the movie theatre that we used to go on every Friday, when we lived as one big joint family. No changes for it.(thank god!!!! :-)). i smiled widely by the thought of the movie and all those hurry-burry to get the tickets, and those fights at the popcorn counters and finally securing our seats at the top most row and laughing on every bloody joke until our guts were out……..
next came the post office… well nothing changed there… except 4 the new employees and the new grown up me….
walking those lane… i saw my childhood……
i want to grow up once again.. want to run through those lanes… laughing and enjoying the feeling of freedom and ignorance….