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Nirjeeva Parinaaman

vellamadichu naalukaalil nilkunna doctor

enne nokki ilichu,

“konnatho chathato…. ”

onnu koodi nannai aadi ulanju,

aa bheekara kodali eduthu!!

ente netti noki oru vettu….

nirjeeva rakthavum pottiya thalayoodum…..

ganapathiku muttarutha pole…

randu kashnangal….

ente thalachor eduthu…

chuvannu thalarna kannukal kondu oru inspection….

“ummm thaalachorinnu kshatham onnu illa….”

veendum oru emandan kathi eduthu….

ente kazhutharathu……

avidannu nere neenda oru dissection..

ente aadhya spandanathinu vazhi thanna

pokkil kodi bandathinte baaki pathram vare

neenda dissection…

nadu keeriya chaka pole..

polinju kidakkunu njan!!!!

aa virakkuna kaikal

ente changum, karalum, aamashayavum puratheduthu…

ellathinem onnu adimudi nooki…..

“ooohhh kolllalo…

ellam full conditionil thanna!!!!”

veendum aa kathi eduth needa oru vettu vetti!!!

manushya janmathinte pavithra sthanam…

ente garbhapathram…

“ithu puthan putiyatha!!!

jeevan mulakan ulla vayasu ithinaayitila”

“ithu chathatha!!!

konnathonnum alla…

veruthe samayam kalayan oruthanmar”

kayil kittya avayavangal

kanni kanda stalathu kuthti ketti..

evide ninno ozhukunna nirjeeva rakthahte

panji kondu thadanju….

kuthi keetiya avayavangale thunni ketti

oru vidham karyam theerthu doctor..

naalu kaalil doctor

Post-mortem hallil ninnu poi….

thunni kettiya enne kondupokkan vanvar jhetti…

pidakkuna changu aporath trayil

chudu chora niranja pidakkuna changu……

pinne njan marichathengane……

purathe varandhayil…

nenju potti alarunna sabdam….

parichithamaya aa aan sabdam…

chithaku thee kolithiyapolum kelkkamayirunnu….

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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 810 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 14 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


Having it the KAPPA way!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy today. today is my best friend’s First birthday…. yes the very first birthday!!!!

In life there are times when you really need a stranger to let go all your feelings, emotions and sorrows. This special stranger entered in one of those weird moments of my life n i don’t know when this stranger turned my best friend. its you dear, my own sweet KAPPA TV!!!!


i was shattered and needed a huge amount of distraction. this whole connection started off as a distraction which turned into a habit further became an inevitable part of my life. i began my days with MERRY GO ROUND followed by the jugalbhandhi MEDLEY CHUTNEY and then the party filled BINDASS BOLLYWOOD…bits and bytes of film news through FILM LOUNGE hosted by the most unusual person SOU followed.
My noon were filled with the mouth watering aroma of dished from SIMPLY NAADAN and the evenings where with the bash of BUZZ 25, featuring the new buzz in Hollywood billboard.
My weekends were touched by this special friend called music mojo which opened a whole new universe if music to me!!!
so many changes happened in my life after you happened dear!!!!
Twitter connected us and i’m proud that i’m #79 in your list!!! you started answer me and i still remember the crazy up and down jump i did on that afternoon when i got your follow-back!!!!i tweeted “Party at my place”
gradually my life recoiled and i was settling down. i admit i started to fade away from you. but i still managed to cling on to you with simple “hai”s and “hello”s. its is said wherever you go, wherever you be eventually you come back to your home where your heart and soul lies. you are my home. i may go on blah blah about Mahabharat and all in mt twitter Tl ( i admit i’m fascinated about it… blame my great grand dad for naming me Krishna), but not one day without a rt or a tweet to you. Not a day without a like or comment in Facebook.
i even bullied you into following me in instagram!!!! you took it as a friend’s kick!!!!
you fill my days with colour and light it with festive lights. you always listen to my melodrama n drama queen acts!!!!
i simply love you and you are my person!!!
so on your birthday , i pray and wish that may you make a special place in every heart all over this world…
yes, i’m proud that you changed me…
I’M KAPPA GIRL (some one tagged me this name in twitter Tl to irritate me, but instead i juz loved it!!!!!)






Karuna Cheyyvan Enthu…(Krishna Devational Kathakali Sangeetham)

Karuna cheyvan endhu thamasam Krishna
Iriyamman Thampi
Trnaslated by
Raga Yadhukula Kambodhi
Thala Chapu

Karuna cheyvan yendu thamsam Krishna,
Kazhalina kai thouzhunnen

Sarnagatharkku ishta vara dhanam cheythu chemme,
Guruvayupram thannil maruvum akhila duritha harana Bhagawan

1.Thari thanwi thalodum charuthwam cherna padam,
Doorathingirunnoru nerathil ninachalum ,
Charathangu vannu upacharathil sevichalum,
Paril thingina thava parama purusha khalu bhedamethum

2.Gruthara bhava sindhou , duritha sanchayamakum,
Thira thannil maruvunna nara thathikku avalambam,
Marakatha mani vannan Hari thane yennum Thava,
Charitha varnangalil sakala munigal paravathu ari vana dhoona.

3.Pincha Bharam aninja puncheekura bangiyum,
Punchiri chernna Krupa poorna Kadakshangalum,
Anchitha vana mala hara kousthubhangalum,
Pon chilambum padavum, Bhuvana madhana mama hrudi karthunneen.

4.Datha vadhiyaam loka thraathavayulla Guru,
Vatha pura vara niketha Sri Padma nabha,
Preethi kalarnnini Vaikathe kanivinodu ende,
Vathadhi rogam Neeki Varda vithra sakala kusalamadhikam

Why this delay in showing mercy, Krishna,
I am saluting at your feet.

Granting boons to those who surrender to you,
You are the God, who destroys all sufferings,
And stand in the temple at Guruvayur.

1. The pretty feet that is petted by the daughter of the sea,
Which even if it is meditated from a distance,
Or is served from a place near it,
Makes no difference whatsoever,
To the God who fills the entire universe,

2. Learnt I, from your exploits as told by the great sages that,
Support for the men caught in the terrible tide of the sea of life,
Is only Hari the god who is like the emerald gem.

3.Oh Cupid of the earth, I think you in my heart as the pretty one,
Who adorns his hair with the feather of peacocks,
Who has a smiling face with mercy tinged glances,
Whose chest is adorned with garland of Kousthubha and forest flowers,
And whose feet are adorned with golden anklets.

4.Oh God who created the universe and looks after it,
As God Padmanabha who resides in Guruvayoor,
Without delay Mix love along with pity,
And remove the disease of rheumatism,
And bless me with good health and wealth



I was swiping through my facebook page and i wondered what possibly went wrong with my whole world….
i saw a totally different person smiling n posing upside down in my profile pic. i’m no more me. i’ve lost myself. In between these transformation of time i lost that perky, fun filled, crazy , party maker of the gang girl.. now as i look at the mirror, i dont recognize the person standing. i cant take this anymore… i want tht me back… i want my life back… i wake every morning and wish all this to be a nightmare. ..i wanna wake up in that hostel room where i spend three precious years of my life with 5 nut cases… mad, fun, love, party, joy, tears, fight, Halloween, girl talk n much more…… where every boring day can be turned into dance party day… camera’s clicking every now n then… Laughter… loud ones… Music, Movies, Makeovers, Shopping, Trips…..
they say heaven is wat you make… but seriously some times you are thrown into hell n you couldn’t connect to anyone or you are juz alone n all others are either more than your wavelength ppl or less…
Even my orange umbrella is getting fade… yes it looks like my colours are fading n its killing me…. i cant connect to the ppl around me… my work place is totally different. filled with older ppl… n ppl with whom i have nothing in common (Not even the same food thing). n orthodox ppl… i’m not moulded for this type of life… n if this is wat my future holds then i’m not gonna take it…  
if i cant change this i’ll surely avenge it….
Every night i think of this beach side where i will walk… wind sweeping over my cheeks…. i spreading my arms n enjoying every bit of it… n breathing in the raw smell…… i feel freedom… yes,…. i want to break-free…. Elope with my friends…. i miss them sooooo much…
i wanna scream like hell… there’s nothing to distract… no one in my life to talk this over… (yeah yeah i know this is wat happens to single ppl)… its one of those disgusting feeling you get while you are in periods….. i tries like a 1000 things… tried to drown in my job but eventually you’ll have to come out of the trench… n once you do that its back to Square one again….
This feeling is like a black hole… once you start falling into it… there’s no come back…
I WANNA BREAK FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE……………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I woke up…
Alarm crying as usual
Walked to bathroom
Didnt look at the mirror

There was a curve on my lips
An upper curve…

Days passed….
The curve…
Turned upside down…..

I stare at the mirror,
With toothbrush and
An opened pipe….
Not knowing wat to do….
Wat to think….
Where to go…..

To bring back…..
The upper curve…..