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Story Of Traveling Pants 26/04/12′

On the raining morning of 26th of April, I set off with my friends (who had a sleepover at my home) to the city called as “queen of the Arabian sea”, Cochin. We are going to the Cochin University of Science And Technology (CUSAT). We planned our journey the day before and it was a fool proof one, until the rain started. Sudden summer rains delayed the trains and the one we planned to get in was delayed by 2 hours. We can’t wait that longer and we went straight to the bus station and from there it was a walk back in time.

Those roads went straight to the lanes of my memories and I felt an unusual happiness a new energy in me. The roads once I took to my school….

Those roads and the rain blended nicely. My friends and I were sitting together and I was jabbering about my days like a lunatic and I showed them my school the great “St.Therese’s girls high school”.

Ooh ………what a sight it was. That first day in this school I still recall it; it was raining juz like this. The very sight of my 10th grade classroom swept to those nostalgic moments. We were a group of 8 girls and gave the teachers a great deal of trouble…..

Moving on through the same roads further leads to my college, where I completed my graduation in physics. But the bus took some other way due to some traffic probs.

Then there was the most beautiful road I had ever seen in my life. There lies the national highway to Cochin. Smooth road, so smooth that you won’t even know that you are in a bus. It feels that you are in a plane. The weather was also favoring our trip. Bit cloudy, only small strands of sunlight and it was a bit raining. I was hearing to the soothing music “turn me on” by Norah Jones. Wind was gently touching my cheeks; I let my hand feel the wind and the dripping rain. I don’t know why but my mouth was curving and I was smiling to myself. A sense of self satisfaction skipped me………

I never thought of myself as someone who enjoys watching nature…… but I’m turning into one. Theses travels have changed me in a great deal …

Well we reached our destination at the planned time and returned……..

It was an awesome day despite the difficulties…. It took me to my old school days……..