The Unpleasant Truth (part 4)

Danny took the ring and walked to his car. I ran behind and apologized. But it was too late. He took my hand off his shoulder and gave me a fierce look. He left me there all by myself. Then I realized what I’ve done. I got to my car and drove. To catch him I went over the speed limit and in a hurry to overtake him I ran myself into a truck. I was hit and the car rolled thrice and I was thrown out of it.

I got the answer to how I’m dead. But why am I still here??? A moist feeling on my forehead took me back from my thoughts. “What juz happened…? I felt a kiss….” I turned around and saw Danny kissing my forehead. I only felt his kiss… why…??? Dear lord it was juz a crush with Gary… It was always Danny… he was right there in front of me every time… I never realized the fact or I juz ignored the fact that I’m finally falling for him. When he took off juz like that, Gary was the only one left.

Then I saw it. The dress I’m wearing. It’s not mom’s wedding gown. It’s the one I saw at Rome in my trip with Danny and Gary. Juz out of curiosity I wore it and fell in love with it instantly. Danny clicked a photo of mine. Looks like he bought it for me and kept it. The ring… The one I threw off. And it’s not Gary’s flower I’m holding it’s the dry red roses. The ones Danny gave me on our first prom night. I threw it off coz I hated it then.

“This is way more painful than death”. They took me to the cemetery and I’m being put in my grave. I know I’ve only a few moments left before they put a handful of soil in my grave. I screamed with all my voice. “I’m here Danny…I’m sorry…I’m jux sorry…I didn’t know… I really didn’t know… I thought it was all an act…but now no… I can’t see this… Please God take me back.. Please”. Nobody heard me. But Danny looked back as if he heard me.

I know now why I’m here and I know I’m not gonna go back, it’s not my unfinished business that’s holding me here. Its Danny’s and now all I can do is to watch this man run down to ruins because of me… my ego and pride…My temper… I curse the moment… if I took it lightly… the whole picture would have been different…

All went back home after the funeral. I sat there speechless and thoughtless. Now I know why I didn’t remember any of this… Danny did find me that night. On my way to the hospital in his arms I said I want to forget the moment I said those horrible thing. That was my death wish. By the time I reached the hospital, I passed out.

I went to Danny’s mansion. The place I think I’ll find peace finally. But the sight made me crush down to pieces. The man who didn’t even cry in his father’s funeral is crying with his face onto the pillow. because I’m dead. I felt angry on myself.

I walked back and all I think of is that life and living is the easy part. Death is the hard one. Unlike others I’m cursed to watch this mess I left behind and die each moment…

My life was all over with this man’s love. It’s the real truth…. I’m loved by the perfect one I can ever find in this world and it had the worse ending…

I, Johanna Evangelin  Redell, D/o Mr. Peter Redell and Mrs.Elizabeth Redell, Sister of Juliana Victoria Redell Dallis lost the battle of life…..

Yes…I’m in love juz like any other girl and being loved by the perfect guy any girl can imagine of and unlike other girls I’m dead….. I’m watching this man killing himself and accusing himself for my death and this is THE UNPLEASANT TRUTH of my life and death…..