I seek the vengeance,
My life, dead and gone..
Body tied to,
This planet.
Air of revenge,
Flowing, sweeping my feet
And filling my mind
With smell of hot red blood….
Raw flesh lusting me,
Devil I worship,
Vengeance the key,
To all minds and brain.
I’ll watch the pain,
In their eyes,
As I drain the soul,
Out of them….
Cries of pain,
Sweetest symphony,
in my ear..
life departing,
Beautiful sight than life….
I smile…
With full heart and
Peaceful mind…
World asking why????
I say,…
No good to you….
It fed my vengeance…..
No regrets…

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Racing against rain me thinks…..

Jux few minutes bak i was having a lil running race with rain to the railway station. I ran like my life is in extreme danger and the key to escape from it lies there at the station (in short as a distressed damsel who is being chased by a gang of bad guys:-D). I made my way through the crowd, hitting and throwing apologies at them. I even collided with a guy, who really took advantage of the whole thing. But, as i was racing, i couldnt even take a glimpse at him (i bet he was cute 😉 . scene familiar from some movie??? Pls do comment on that.).


I could see the dark clouds gathering there strength. “Ooh its gonna be a big one. Better make port before that” me thinks. I took anothe closer look at the sky. I saw huge raven with its wide black wings flying errands. They seemed to give a great effect to the whole picture. The sky now seemed to be as a greyscale portrait.

Ravens are coming from all directions and flying round and round. I stopped for a moment and looked at them. I suddenly had a thought. “what will we, humans do if we had wings??”. It will be wonderful. Flying over the skies, Feeling the wind, tasting the freedom, enjoying the weightlessness. It will be like heaven………….  


Yes, everyone in this world will have wings in their dreams. Dreams will make one fly with all the freedom….

so dream and dream and more dream……

The infinite skies are yours…..